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?lt;p>Tel: Malta (00356) 99355901

Helping People Find Solutions Since 1990


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OFFICES IN Sliema, Malta
Imagine what
your life would be like
If YOU were HAPPY?

Together we can help make it easier for you to live a happy life, through a combination of many resources which can solve problems, heal, nurture, transform and uplift. 1000s of people have already seen the benefits.

Sometimes you can�t do it on our own ~ asking for help is always an option.

Now it�s easy to change your life without the need for expensive long term therapy using proven short term techniques, including Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, NLP

Put an end to fear and solve your problems
Life Is Too Short To Spend It Unhappily
Your life will be changed forever
That's my personal assurance and money back
"How can I thank you enough Kimberley? My life has changed completely from being really unhappy, grey and dead looking, I now look forward to getting up every morning and have a life that is better than I ever imagined."

Reproduced with express permission of client

Contact Kimberley Stapleton today to book a FREE initial
consultation and see how I can help you too.


What are we going to do?

I will listen to you without judgement and together using tried and tested methods help you find your solutions using a blend of tried and tested strategies, tools and therapy techniques including counselling, coaching, stress management, NLP and hypnotherapy we work together to solve any problems and manage change.

Confidential, Private Sessions
Professional Qualified Master Therapist
Counsellor & Trainer
Affordable Fees
Immediate Appointments
No Charge For Initial Appointments
A Personalised Focus on Solutions and Results

How will we go about it?

I offer services in Sliema,Malta. So if are looking for solution focused services to help you overcome the obstacles that may be affecting your emotions, your health, your work, or your home life; contact Kimberley today and you'll be surprised at what can be achieved!

You can of course have any one of the above approaches as a stand alone session, but I find they complement each other so well, that the best path is to draw upon whichever is most needed at the time. Therefore the methods used for each person are completely personalised ...depending on what suits most. These are all proven therapies to help you gain control. Whichever method or approach we utilize, you will be provided with a detailed explanation of how it works and what to expect and if you don�t particularly like the idea of one or another of them of course we won�t use that method. If you would like further explanations of any of the methods at this point please read through each section or
contact me to book a FREE initial consultation and see how we can work together or how I can help you too.

Who am I?

As a practicing professional Counsellor, NLP practitioner and Clinical Hypnotist Kimberley has treated amongst others �A?list celebrities, large groups and coroprate clients and has brought about positive change in areas of weight management, smoking cessation and a wide variety of psychological and psychosomatic conditions.

Kimberley is regularly featured in the Newspapers and on the radio and is synonymous with the charity raising ventures such as her Hyno-Slimming groups and Stop smoking for Cancer research. Initially trained in the UK she has also completed Master trainer status both here and in the United States.

As a person I am very warm, supportive, and gentle, this comes through in my work as a counsellor, coach and therapist. As we work together it is my aim to help you feel empowered. You are guaranteed personalised attention and of course the services of an experienced, qualified Master therapist and trainer. I provide a safe, secure and confidential environment to help you focus whether it�s on achieving solutions to your problems, moving forward with your life quickly and effectively or just general help.

If you are experiencing problems, anxiety, panic attacks, stress, have a phobia or destructive habit affecting your health or preventing you from living life to the full. Or if you just want to find that missing thing in your life or move forward with a project.

Contact Kimberley Stapeleton today to book a FREE initial consultation and see how I can help you too. - Kimberley Stapeleton All rights reserved